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Product Services

The highlights of Concorde Digital in the area of Product Design, Development and Services is the Benefit Administration System and Practice Management System in the US Healthcare domain.

I.  Benefit Administration System

This is a web based benefits administration software product. It supports paperless online enrollment, data storage and export of files to insurance carriers. This system centralizes data of all plans including rates, eligibility requirements and benefit availability for various classifications of employees. The system assures the integrity of all information to be consistent and accurate.

The software package includes several modules for administrating benefit plans. The salient features of this system are:

• Demographic maintenance
• Contracts and Rates tracking
• Generating Bills and Remittance processing
• Eligibility calculations
• Reciprocity processing
• Claims adjudication and processing
• HIPAA compliant EDI transactions
• COBRA compliance
• Provider credentialing
• Administration of Pension and Annuity plans
• Benefit payments and Check processing
• Vacation and Holiday processing
• Tax Form processing and reporting
• Extremely configurable for most specific plan rules and data requirements
• Handling most complex benefit calculations
• Provides flexible and robust reporting capabilities
• Benefit office operations like activity tracking system & document management

Benefit Administration System is a powerful solution for:

• Health and Welfare, Annuity and Pension Funds
• Third Party Administrators
• Public & Union Funds
• Locals and Internationals
• Insurance Carriers
• Claim Payers
• Group Health Funds

II.  Practice Management System

This customized Practice management software is developed for use in small-to-medium scale Healthcare Organizations like Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Laboratories, etc. Practice management software is a web based tool, providing an online client server platform, exhibiting the following salient features:

• Patient demographic maintenance
• Patient ledger maintenance
• Billing and receipts for the patients
• Maintain doctor visit details
• Fixing appointments with the doctor
• Schedule office visits for multiple providers
• Maintain details of group name and list of providers with details
• Generate insurance and patient statements
• Generate various reports on billing and collection
• Encrypted Document management system
• User Management, HR functionalities and Log tracking for Auditing Reports

Practice Management System is a powerful solution for:

• Providers
• Physicians
• Dentists
• Health care Professionals
• Individual Practices
• Group Practices
• IPA's