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1. What dictation capturing options does your service provide?

You have the option of either dictating directly into our dial-in Dictation Servers using toll free telephone lines or you may use Olympus Digital Handheld Recorders compatible with our software.

2. What are your hours of operations for the toll free dictation system?

Our dictation system is accessible round-the-clock, 24x7, 365 days in a year.

3. How do we transfer the dictation to you?

If you intend to use toll free dial-in system, your dictations become accessible to our transcriptionists the moment you hang up the line. If you prefer using Handheld Recorders, we will provide our medical transcription software, which automatically uploads the dictation from your local computer, to our secure FTP Server.

4. What will be the turn-around time of dictations?

General transcription of charts will be available for your review/printing before 9 AM, next business day, which makes the turn-around time less than 12-24 hours.

5. Do you undertake STAT work?

Yes, we do take up STAT work at a slightly premium price, provided the load is consistent.

6. What are your fees based on and how do you charge for your transcription service?

There is no cost to signup with our transcription service. Our fees are normally based on transcribed characters per line, but we also offer a quote based on the number of pages or per minute of dictation, depending on customer requirements.

7. How do we receive our files back?

You can receive your files back by signing up with our web based CRM tool accessible online and/or by fax, secure email or FTP.

8. We like having our reports formatted to our specifications. Can your service accommodate this?

Absolutely. Our aim is to produce reports to your liking and we follow your style guide. The documents are formatted according to individual client requirements and our team will work with you for any of your special needs, be it standard normals or templates or letterheads with your logo and signature or any other specifications.

9. Do you offer a free trial of your service?

Yes, we do offer a 'no obligation' free trial for a week, before you decide to signup with our service.