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Medical Transcription

Existence of Medical Transcription

Nature of the Work

Medical Transcriptionists listen to dictated recordings made by physicians and other healthcare professionals, and transcribes them into medical reports. Medical Transcriptionists must comply with specific standards that apply to the style of medical records and to the legal and ethical requirements for keeping patient information confidential. These transcribed documents are sent back to the respective healthcare professionals, for review and approval. These documents eventually become part of patients' permanent medical records. 

Healthcare Providers use both, Digital Recorders and Telephone Dictation System, to dictate, according to their convenience.

Since doctors see a number of patients every day, they do not have the time to create text documents to save the information for future references and billing. In order to save time and make it easy for the doctors, Medical Transcription came into existence.

The severe time constraints on the Medical Professionals and the simultaneous documentation overload, gave rise to the evolution of Medical Transcription as a separate service oriented business.

Medical Transcription Process

Concorde Digital is a leading provider of Medical Transcription service, with the main aim to strictly adhere to evolved processes to ensure 100 percent accuracy in the service delivery. Our Medical Transcription processes have been standardized based on HIPAA stipulations, and to provide safe and accurate ways to maintain patient medical records.

Dictation:  Medical Practitioners dictate the patient information into recording devices such as state-of-the-art handheld Digital Voice Recorders and/or phone-in Dictation System.

Sophisticated software modules are also installed into Medical Practitioner's offices, providing them with ease of use in dictating and transmitting the voice files to the hospital servers, thereby enhancing the medical transcription process.

Transcribing Process:  The dictations are sorted out based on the Physicians and allotted to the transcriptionist's who are most familiar and work repetitively on those particular Physician's dictations.  These transcriptionists convert the voice files into formatted documents with pre-designed templates that are customized based on customer needs.

Dictations are downloaded from the encrypted servers located at the head quarters in Los Angeles, and are allotted to the transcriptionists' team. Individual files are given a unique identification number and a centralized allocation system is put in place to avoid duplication and also, to track the files at any given point in time.

Transcriptionists are not authorized to make changes from what is dictated, except in case of obvious grammar or usage errors. Where the transcriptionist find inconsistencies or obvious illogical medical facts in a dictation, the particular file is flagged off for the attention of the particular physician.

In order to make the process of medical transcription completely error free, transcriptionists are encouraged to research extensively and access standard medical references and dictionaries available both, in print and on the internet.

Turnaround Time

Concorde Digital understands and possesses the inherent ability to meet stringent deadlines consistently, an essential rung in the ladder to success.

Generally for all dictations received on a given day from the United States and Canada, are transcribed and returned to the respective healthcare professionals the very next business day, which makes the turnaround time between 12-24 hours.

Dictations received from Australia, by about 5 PM AU time every day, can still be completed and uploaded before the start of next business day.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality forms the main ingredient of this business.  We have a three tier level of Quality Assurance, which assures our customers, 100% accuracy.


Experienced Transcriptionists are moved up as Editors in the Medical Transcription process and their responsibilities include:

  • Check for accuracy of data and spell check
  • Check for formatting and standardization


Experienced English literate Associates go over the printed transcriptions and ensure that no grammatical errors have occurred, and make sure the transcriptions, as a whole, are complete and meaningful, with correct sentence formations and punctuations.


We encourage the Medical Practitioners to review the completed transcripts on a regular basis. This ensures that all comments are seen by the designated doctor and all transcripts that are flagged off can be checked and returned to us for corrective action. Reviewing these medical records also ensures that the medical transcription process is 100 percent accurate and there is no loss of information in the form of missing words or files.

With 15 years of experience in this industry, our stringent and evolved quality control processes have proven to be the best among our competitors. Rest assured, our operation, strength and spirit continues to grow in leaps and bounds!