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About Us

Concorde Digital was established in 1999. It provides a comprehensive solution to all the dictation needs of hospitals and clinics, integration of medical records with various Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems, and has a highly motivated and skilled software and product development team to succeed in its milestones.

It is our mission to provide fast, accurate and economical medical documentation and software services primarily to the Healthcare Industry. Our focus remains in providing comprehensive, user-friendly solutions utilizing the latest cutting edge technology that will help build partnerships and enhance business processes.

The cornerstone of our business is our Customer Service. Our mission is to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations.

Healthcare Providers have the choice to dictate through our sophisticated telephone Dictation System using toll-free telephone lines or hosted servers using Hospital PBX system, and/or through handheld Digital Recorders, all developed in-house, customized and fine-tuned over the years to be 'doctor-friendly', with redundancies built into the system. These voice files are encrypted, password protected and transmitted securely to the Concorde servers. Professionally trained and highly qualified transcriptionists work on these voice files and transcribe the documents within 12-24 hours. These documents are then uploaded into our secure website for easy access by the office of the Healthcare Providers. Once these documents are approved by the Healthcare professionals, they get seamlessly integrated with the respective EMR systems.

Concorde Digital offers the following triple advantages to its customers: Improved quality, quick turnaround and low cost.

Improved Quality

All transcriptionists employed by Concorde Digital are professionally qualified and well experienced, who understand the importance of delivering error-free reports; they adhere to strict procedures and norms. In addition, with multiple quality control levels in place, the overall result is outstanding quality.

Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT)

All the work gets completed and uploaded within 12-24 hours, guaranteeing next business day delivery of all reports. The team understands the need for timely delivery and is committed to work diligently, so as to stick to tight schedules and quick turnaround times.

Low Cost

Improved quality and reduced TAT comes with costs that are assured to be low; since all procedures have been tried, tested and fine-tuned over the years, the overhead cost is low, so as to transfer these cost savings back to our customers.