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Compliance and Security Statement

As a provider of services to the Healthcare Industry, Concorde Digital is fully committed to comply with the various regulatory governing bodies (HIPAA / PHIPA / NHS) pertaining to the use and security of confidential patient information.

As a business associate of entities covered under HIPAA / PHIPA / NHS, Concorde Digital has introduced detailed procedural guidelines to govern the transmission, processing and storage of confidential information, to ensure that it is used and disclosed in accordance with these rules and regulations. Select Supervisors act as Privacy Officers to oversee activities that are related to the development, maintenance and adherence of all the policies and procedures.

The systems and procedures that have been introduced and followed includes manned security for the office, electronic access control systems to control physical access of PHI, firewall security systems, encryption of all files and secure SSL file transfers, power-on and network passwords, Confidentiality agreements with employees and Non disclosure agreements, audit trail of files is enabled and scheduled daily backups.

Concorde Digital does not release any protected health information directly to the patient or other representatives. It is the responsibility of the Healthcare Provider to control and manage disclosures as per the regulatory guidelines and requirements.